How we work

Step 1: Date of coffee


... Or date of the tea, date of the refreshment, or of what you want! We will see each other for the first time and

we will meet. This is when we will review the details of the prices, we will talk about locations, costumes,

and I will be able to answer any question you have! You will specify a date, we will exchange numbers so you

can contact me at any time. We will keep in touch until the day of your photo shoot, planning and creation

of the shooting of your dreams.


This initial consultation is very important so that the whole photographic experience is great. It allows me to

meet you and find out exactly what you need. It allows us to feel more comfortable during the day of the

documentary, which is very important to help you relax and pose naturally. And it helps me to get to know

you before filming to capture more than a nice photo, it allows me to capture you!


Step 2: The Great Day


Your photo session is going to be one of the funniest days of your last year. You have to play dress up,

get your hair and makeup perfect, and have all day for your documentary! Your session includes 1 to 2 hours

of coverage, unlimited team changes, and mandatory fun, until you get your best poses.


After your session ends, I work day and night choosing your best shots and editing them perfectly.

After some furtive glances on social networks, your entire gallery will be ready for viewing in 2-3 weeks.


Step 3: The super delivery


This is definitely the most exciting part of the process! After 2-3 weeks from the date of the session,

I will send you an internet access so that you have all the photographs within reach and you can

share them instantly on your Instagram or Facebook. You should choose the ones that are for printing

if it is the case, and I will be on the lookout for your comments or doubts.


We will create your order while you obsess with your images, hehe, and when your products are ready,

I will give them to you so you can show all your photos to the world.


Ready for your impressive images?